Sustainability > Community Engagement
CLP India's community engagement efforts are primarily focused on core areas such as education, health and environment awareness. We work actively with the villages around CLP India's assets and periodically assess their development needs to ensure that the programmes offered are relevant and meaningful.
The community engagement initiatives are based on Extension Volunteers concept. Programmes seek and encourage staff voluntarism and volunteers from within the communities. These programmes are an integral part of CLP India's business objectives.
Key programmes include:
ESS (Educational Support Scheme)
Educational Support Scheme (ESS) - a unique, homegrown program caters financial and mentoring support to 30 students in their various graduation/ post-graduation courses. ESS also creatively engages staff employees and offer them mentoring role, popularly tagged as “Educational Parents”. ESS footprint will continue to rise in years to come which will cover more students who are academically bright and need financial and guiding support to excel in their careers.

Guest Faculty Program
A sustainability initiative aimed at sharing best practices and grooming vocational training students to a level which improves their employability and the industries have finer quality manpower in offing. Around 100 students of nearby vocational training institute receives monthly 2 guest lectures from our staff employees and family members on various technical, safety, health & environment and general motivational topics. The program receives excellent support and cheer from our guest faculties, students and the institute management.

Computer Literacy Program
In a bid to build much in demand basic computer skills among village youth, especially girl students, we offer 3-months basic computer literacy course, partnering with Pratham. A convenient 3-months course is designed to train village youth and working class people. The program has improved skill set and thereby is likely to benefit the participants in employment space.

Nutrition Support to HIV Affected Children
At district level, partnering with local NGO BDNP+ (Bharuch District Network of Peoples Living with HIV/AIDS), company supports 35 HIV infected/affected children by providing nutrition rich refill-kits every month. A study conducted internally reveals positive changes in beneficiary children in terms of improvement in their weight and CD4 cell counts. The program offers volunteering opportunity to staff families.

Green Clubs in Community Schools
On environmental front, we have taken initiative to form Green Clubs in community schools of all 10 villages. It involves a team of students in the surrounding 10 village schools which helps to sensitize them on the current issues that we face on environmental front and guide them through set of actions. Green Club activities equip students with environmental awareness and thereby to community at large. Around 191 students and 20 link teachers are covered under this program.

Joy of Giving Round the Year Campaign
A unique sustainability initiative and a blend of ‘recycling’ and ‘giving’ concepts, the program is designed to reuse and allocate resources which we as individual do not use any more and the same can be useful to needy people in community. The platform provides opportunity to staff families to unite and come forward for ‘Giving’ and enjoy the smile on someone’s face.