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As all sectors of India's economy continue to grow rapidly, this translates into an increasing demand for electricity from industry, infrastructure, services and domestic consumption. Besides the need for large scale power generation, transmission & distribution, this scenario also places a huge emphasis on conservation and effective utilization of resources to ensure sustainable development and a greener future for our planet.

As always, managing the future begins with being better prepared, today - with education, information and awareness creation constituting crucial components towards ensuring a brighter tomorrow.

CLP Electrodrome - the museum of electricity is an exemplary expression of this purpose. In line with the philosophy of public-private participation, the Government of Gujarat, through the active collaboration of the Gujarat Science City and CLP India Power Private Limited helped shaped this vision.

Housed within the campus of the Gujarat Science City in Ahmedabad, the CLP Electrodrome is conceptualized and developed with one central theme - being a repository of knowledge on electricity for audiences across various age groups.