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In support of the Group's Climate Vision 2050, CLP launched 'Project COOL' in 2010. The project by far sent ten talented employees from India, Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Australia to Antarctica for a 3-week expedition to witness the effects of climate change. Dubbed as "COOL Captains", these talented staff used their technical expertise on low-carbon solutions. In 2010, our team successfully powered an E-base in the South Pole through the installation of renewable energy devices. In 2011, our "COOL Captains" pioneered new ideas to develop a renewable energy prototype that would be useful for Antarctic explorers to sustain a non-fossil fuel trip. Upon their return from the expedition, they also shared their first-hand experience with local communities.

CLP India believes that Project COOL could help nurture a group of future leaders, innovators and adventurers to bring the company towards a low-carbon future. Our ultimate goal is for them to collaborate with multiple stakeholders in a united effort to combat climate change.