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CLP India Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The CLP India Corporate Social Responsibility Policy establishes a common and coherent approach to CSR among all corporate functions and business units. This facilitates an organized and efficient deployment of CLP India’s resources in order to contribute to the development of the communities in which its serves.

1) Vision
CLP India is committed to a socially-responsible corporate growth. It seeks to be an active participant in the social and economic development of the communities in which it operates, while meeting the interests of all its stakeholders.

2) Scope
The CSR Policy applies to all legal entities of CLP India. It is set in place to establish a recognised framework and delineated parameters for the company’s CSR activities. CLP India’s community investment activities will focus on the needs and priorities of the local communities in which it operates.

3) Policy guidelines
Mutual trust, respect and integrity are key pillars to CLP India for building relationships with its community and business stakeholders. The contributions made through community investment initiatives are aimed at delivering a positive impact directly to those communities. These initiatives include: collaboration; capacity-building and skills development; employee volunteerism; and strategic giving. CLP India commits to:
  • Undertaking proactive engagement with stakeholders to actively contribute to the socio-economic development of the communities in which it operates;
  • Supporting projects or programmes that reflect the needs and expectations of local communities and are sensitive to prevailing cultures, traditions and values;
  • Engaging in long-term partnerships with credible, national, regional and local community organisations, non-governmental organisations, and charities;
  • Creating a positive footprint in society by creating an infrastructure for inclusion and empowerment for communities;
  • Focusing on educating women and children and the underprivileged by providing appropriate skills, training and infrastructure;
  • Supporting the development of basic nutrition and health care facilities in rural communities;
  • Encouraging employee participation in volunteering;
  • Evaluating contributions and the impact that they make.
CLP India’s focus areas include:
  • Education and training: CLP India supports initiatives that advance literacy so that rural communities, and those disadvantaged, can make informed choices based on a holistic understanding of the environment they live in.
    Specific activities focus on investing in the education and skills development of children and women in the rural communities surrounding our operations. CLP India believes that quality education is the first step in building a skilled and developed community, and by providing training and skills development initiatives, it can help empower women and the next generation to drive and sustain their own personal and community development.
  • Sustainable communities: CLP India seeks to improve quality of life for our local communities by supporting initiatives that provide for the socioeconomically disadvantaged. Some of these initiatives include: increasing access to healthy food; providing vital materials; opportunities for physical activity; and local tree planting and sustainable environment initiatives.
  • Healthcare and sanitation: CLP India operates in rural locations, where communities rely on limited healthcare resources. Company’s rural development programmes provide mobile medical facilities, social education courses on mother and child nutrition, HIV/AIDS awareness and vaccination programmes as well as providing funding for paramedical training for local community members.

4) Governance
The Board of Directors and CLP India management team are committed to the guiding principles of community investment and to encouraging a corporate ethos of community care, within and outside the organisation.

The CLP India Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (the “CSRc”) is appointed by the Board of CLP India Private Limited to review and oversee the implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of the Company and its subsidiaries in line with the approved business plan and budgets. It also reviews and monitors projects and activities of CSR of the CLP India Group, conducting an annual review of the social performance against this policy and the stated goals and objectives of its CSR activities.

The CSR committee, assisted by the CLP India Public Affairs team, is responsible for governance, capacity-building and implementation of CSR plans. At the business unit-level, the Public Affairs team and Community Relationship teams are responsible for devising local strategy, managing community investment, sponsorship and donation activities, and coordinating community engagement activities.

With support from the business units, the Public Affairs team is responsible for reporting of company’s social performance to CSR committee and CLP Group, as well as in the Annual Sustainability Report.

5) Reviewing
CLP India is committed to a socially-responsible corporate growth. It seeks to be an active participant in the social and economic development of the communities in which it operates, while meeting the interests of all its stakeholders.

The responsibilities of the CSR Committee shall be to:

  • Review, agree and establish the Company’s CSR strategy to ensure that it remains an integral part of the CLP India group’s strategy and its implementation in practice and that the Company’s social, environmental and economic activities are aligned with each other;
  • Develop and recommend for acceptance by the Board, policies on all aspects of CSR including health and safety, human rights, workforce diversity & inclusion, the environment, community and social investment, and other CSR-related matters as may be determined by the CSR Committee;
  • Receive reports and review activities from executive and specialist groups managing CSR matters across the Group’s operations;
  • Monitor compliance with the CSR policies throughout the Group and to review performance against agreed targets;
  • Review the integration of CSR processes with the Group’s broader business risk management programme and reputation management priorities;

6) Reporting
CLP India is committed to communicating openly and transparently with its stakeholders on the economic, social and environmental impact of its business. Details of its community investment initiatives and programmes are reported on an annual basis in the CLP India Sustainability Report, as well as on the CLP India website. The CSR Committee shall:
  • Report to the Board on its proceedings after each meeting on all matters within the scope of its duties and responsibilities;
  • Make whatever recommendations to the Board it deems appropriate on any area within its remit where action or improvement is required;
  • Report on its responsibilities and activities during the year in a CSR Report to be published at the same time as the Company’s annual report and accounts;
  • To report back to the Board on decisions or recommendations made;
  • To delegate such of its powers as the Committee deems appropriate to Management of the Company.

The CLP India Corporate Social Responsibility Policy conforms not only to Clause 135 of the Companies Act, 2013, but also to the various policies at the CLP Group level that are relevant to the areas of CSR.


Select list of CLP India’s CSR initiatives that have been institutionalised for long-term, sustainable impact:

Focus area Initiative Objective Location
Education Primary education support CLP India has installed K-YAN, a multimedia based education tool, at four primary schools in the villages around the Jhajjar power plant. Teachers have received training on the tool courtesy of CLP India. Jhajjar, Haryana
Informal education classes CLP India runs an ongoing programme to engage parents in 10 surrounding villages to readmit their children who have dropped out back in to school. Every year, averages of 40-50 students are brought back to main stream schooling. Additional informal education classes are provided for adolescents. Bharuch, Gujarat
Educational Support Scheme CLP India provides funding for students from 10 surrounding villages for their vocational and academic courses. Students also receive mentoring support from CLP India's employees and their families, who volunteer as mentors to the students. Bharuch, Gujarat
School Enrolment Program CLP India actively supports the Government of India's School Enrolment Program ("Shala Praveshotsava"), and encourages enrolment of children at Grade 1 age. This activity is implemented in 10 surrounding villages. Bharuch, Gujarat
Support to financially less privileged students CLP India supports less privileged students by providing them with vital materials for their schooling, including textbooks and notebooks. The activity also covers the payment of school fees. Bharuch, Gujarat
Imparting Computer literacy CLP India works with NGO Pratham to teach basic computer literacy to the communities in the surrounding villages to the power plant. Bharuch, Gujarat
Best School Of the Year (BSOY) program CLP India hosts an awards programme for best performing schools in the local area. The aims to encourage improvement in effectiveness and efficiency of government schools, and improve the quality standards for the education of the local children. Bharuch, Gujarat
Educational Tour CLP India organises a biannual 'educational tour' for local children. The prime objective is to provide them with an opportunity to go beyond their village or district and visit places of educational, historical and environmental importance. This encourages them to learn new things in fun-filled environment and thereby contributes to their holistic development. Bharuch, Gujarat
Guest Faculty program for Vivekanand Gramin Takniki Kendra (VGTK) students CLP India organises a 'guest faculty' programme for VGTK students and teachers which aims to update their knowledge of industry matters and helps them to understand industry expectations for graduates. This allows students to better prepare for job applications on graduation. This activity also engages CLP India employees to share their expertise and counsel, while supporting local community initiatives. Bharuch, Gujarat
Health Mobile Health Outreach Program CLP India works with Wockhardt Hospital to provide free medication and consultation to the community in four villages around Jhajjar. Jhajjar, Haryana
First Aid Orientation Training To train people in basic first aid Bharuch, Gujarat
Fire Safety Awareness Programs CLP India runs project training on fire safety in two villages surrounding Bharuch. Bharuch, Gujarat
Paramedical training to local youth CLP India supports 10 trainees per year in their paramedical training. Jhajjar, Haryana
Healthcare support CLP India works with NGO Seva Yagna Samiti (SYS) to support the healthcare needs of surrounding villagers. Through this initiative, SYS operates an ambulance in the local area. Bharuch, Gujarat
HIV Nutrition Support 2013 In collaboration with Bharuch District Network of People living with HIV/AIDS (BDNP+), CLP India provides 35 HIV-positive children with specially-designed, nutrition-rich kits. Bharuch, Gujarat
MCH (Maternal & Child Health Program ) The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) program is conducted every year in all 10 villages surrounding the Paguthan power plant in order to improve maternal and child health, as well as adolescent girls' health. The program includes training sessions for ASHA nurses and other workers. Bharuch, Gujarat
Support for government Pulse Polio program CLP India provides support to the government immunization programs by providing a pack of biscuits to every vaccinated child in the 10 surrounding villages to Paguthan. Bharuch, Gujarat
SHE education for College students CLP India provides SHE education to local college students. Bharuch, Gujarat
Joy of Giving Round the Year Campaign CLP India leads a sustainability initiative for township residents to donate unused items which are then distributed to less priviledged members of society. Bharuch, Gujarat
Sustainable Livelihoods Veterinary camp CLP India runs a veterinary camp in the surrounding area to treat and vaccinate the mulching animals of farmers and to provide faming advice on animal nutrition. Jhajjar, Haryana
Learning aid and toy donation CLP India supports Anganwadis, the units in villages which record births, with nutritious food for children and lactating mothers. The program also provides basic education for children. Jhajjar, Haryana
Skills Development for youth CLP India runs programs on Personality Development and Retail Management at Khanpur Khurd and Jharli villages. These aim to provide skills training to youth to increase employability. Jhajjar, Haryana
Female training workshops CLP India runs workshops for female empowerment through skills training. Courses include stitching training at ''Mahila Silai Kendra'' as well as Khanpur-Khurd, Khanpur-Kalan, Jharli and Wazidpur villages. Jhajjar, Haryana
Promotion of local cultural sports CLP India sponsors the annual wrestling tournament in Jharli village. Jhajjar, Haryana
Clothing donation CLP India drives a donation campaign of t-shirts and track pants for a special school for the mentally disabled. Jhajjar, Haryana
Drinking water supply CLP India supports the supply of RO drinking water to school children and anganwaris in Khanpur-Kalan and Jharli villages. Jhajjar, Haryana
Sustainable Livelihood- (Self Help Groups) SHGs The company has helped communities establish self-help groups that conduct various activities focusing on micro-savings and credit. Women can access micro-loans from the group enabling them to improve livelihoods thru income generation activities. Bharuch, Gujarat
Material donations CLP India aims to create a good learning environment for the local community. This program provides government schools for girls with fans and rugs. Jhajjar, Haryana
Activity center CLP India works with Extension Volunteers to provide local children with the opportunity to access a range of non-academic activities such as outdoor sports, indoor games and other creative indoor activities. This aims to encourage balanced development. Bharuch, Gujarat