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Paguthan CCPP (Formerly known as GPEC) the 655 MW gas-based combined cycle power plant, has marked the entry of CLP India into Indian power sector business. It is one of the first Indian independent power projects. The plant sprawls across 130 hectares of land & is located 10 Kms from Bharuch in the state of Gujarat.
Apart from its consistent year-on-year plant performance, the Paguthan CCPP has set a benchmark in the industry for complying with highest level of safety and environmental standards, nationally and internationally. Paguthan CCPPis a 1SO 14001 certified company complying with the highest standards of environment conservation.
Paguthan CCPP is equipped with 3 x 138 MW Gas Turbines and 1 x 241 MW Steam Turbine generating units. It has been maintaining its equipment for optimizing the plant availability by using most efficient O&M practices. The plant has made a significant contribution to the availability of power on the local grid where demand often exceeds supply.
Paguthan CCPP installed Si3D blades and vanes in two of its three gas turbines, to enhance their efficiency at base load by approximately 1.2%, thereby reducing the fuel use and associated CO2 emmissions. Paguthan CCPP is the first in Asia and third globally to use this technology-upgrade of Si3D blades and vanes, to retrofit its gas turbines of the 1990’s design.
Salient features of the plant
Capacity 655 MW
Number of Generating Units 3 x 135 MW Gas Turbines
1 x 250 MW Steam Turbine
Type Gas combined cycle
Fuel Primary Fuel: Natural Gas
Secondary Fuel: Naphtha
Equipment & Suppliers Siemens AG
Deutsche Babcock